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Antiche corde d’Irlanda is the first CD of Early Irish Harp released in Italy with the aim of spreading the knowledge of this beautiful instrument.

I play a copy of the Downhill harp, an early 18th-century Irish instrument.


1. Codladh an Óigfhir [the young man’s dream]
2. Carolan’s Planxsty Irwin
3. Molly Nic Ailpín [Molly MacAlpin]*
4. Marbhna Óghain Uí Néill [lament for Owen Roe O’Neill]
5. Bonny Portmore / Peggy Ní Shléibhín*
6. Miss Fanny Poer
7. Carolan’s Farewell to Music
8. Seabhac na hÉirne [the hawk of the Erne]*
9. Slieve gCallann [Gallen mountain]
10. Nelly an Chúil Chraobhaigh [Nelly of the curly hair] / Madam Keil
11. Seoithín Seó [lullaby]*

*Featuring Claudia Anna Tognacci (voice)

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